What We're Doing

We are a brother and sister who want to be healthy. We saw Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and we wanted to do something to help. We heard a story about how the book store Barnes & Noble started. A guy, way back in 1894, wanted to have a bookstore so he did. Then he met a guy named Noble and they worked together. Then seventy years later, they sold it, the guy who bought it was just a clerk in a bookstore, and now it's Barnes & Noble.

What we figure is that one person can make a difference, like the movie Pay It Forward where the kid just wants to do something good that makes a difference and is important. We want to pay it forward by helping other kids be healthy.

We're cooking Jamie Oliver's recipes for 100 days. And we're blogging about it.  After 100 days we're still going to use his food philosophy (all natural, home cooked) and keep cooking!

We hope you like our blog!