Monday, August 15, 2011

Day ??? Dallas Restaurant Week at Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House

So we sort of had a Kid's Cooking Challenge summer FAIL.  Big time.  We started, but sort of faded away with the business of life.  But today I, Mom, am back with a guest blog.
Let me just start with the fact that being a blogger who happens to be friends with Texas Holly of June Cleaver Nirvana and She is Dallas fame has perks.  Texas Holly has invited me to join her at a beef event put on by the Texas Beef Council.  Of course it was delicious (and I’m not even a huge beef eater) and I blogged about it.  
Then I got to go to a strawberry event sponsored by the California Strawberry Association.  I got to try--and have since made--Mahi Mahi Tacos with Strawberry/Mango salsa, and OMG, they are SO good.

Well, Friday night, husband and I got to experience Restaurant Week in Dallas--before the actual week began.  How cool is that?!  Thanks to Texas Holly and the very generous, very fabulous Texas Beef Council, along with Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House, about 20 bloggers were invited to partake of one heck of an amazing meal.
First off, I’ve never had such good herbed butter.  Just saying.  I could probably just eat it plain.
Second, summer corn bisque.  Who knew it could rival lobster bisque.  And boy, oh boy, it sure does give the more traditional soup a run for its money.  Corn bisque was to die for.  Husband, who ordered a tomato carpaccio salad for a starter (which was fabulous) sorta wished he’d picked the corn bisque.  I let him taste it.  Barely.  Then I slurped up the rest.
Next up was a choice between a Kobe sirloin or a pecan wood smoked prime rib.  Now, as I said, I’m not a huge beef eater.  I ordered the sirloin and he ordered the prime rib.  All I can say is that both were delicious (especially the garlic mashed potatoes!), but I now know I really like prime rib cooked the way Chamberlain’s cooked it (except not quite so pink--I’m more of a well-done like the crisp outside kind of girl). 
The wines, one from Lodi, CA (our old stomping grounds) and the other from Sicily were pretty much the best wine I’ve ever had.  
Then came desert.  OMG.  First off, the choices.  Lavender Creme Brulee.  Warm Chocolate gooey cake with XXX.  I didn’t read a single word further.  That was my choice.  Was it worth the 1000 calories it probably had in it?
Uh, yeah.  And then some.  
Texas Holly and those Texas beef people put on one helluva dinner.  They gave us all a second opportunity to eat out during restaurant week.  Me?  I’m going to Whiskey Cake in Plano.  Cannot wait!  
So, see, there are definitely perks to blogging.  I can never be the kind of friend to Texas Holly that she’s been to me.  I don’t know any Texas beef or California strawberry people.  But it’s cool.  She’s cool.  We’re cool.  Our kids are friends, so she can’t ditch me for some other blogger.  Maybe I’ll bake her some cookies.  Or better yet, use the beefy cookbook I got from Chamberlain owner/chef, Richard Chamberlain, and whip up some delicious beefy dish.

Holly, are you there?  Cookies or beef?  Or both?  You name it, it’s yours.