Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 17 - Fried Egg

Cookbook - Jamie's Food Revolution

Fried eggs intrigue me, Jared, very, very much. I'd never had a fried egg before. It's way different than cooking anything I've done before. It was fairly easy, except it's kind of hard to know when to take it off because we took it off a couple times too early and the yolk was way too runny.

It's different than an over easy egg because we didn't flip it.

It was kind of a quick thing because we need to do quick things all this week because my mom is doing a writing camp where we get to write a mystery story. It has to be good since this will go in our permanent record.

Ha! Not really.

So the fried egg was pretty easy and fun and I enjoyed making it. The only difference between the poached egg and the fried egg was that it wasn't wrapped up in the whites like a poached egg, but it pretty much tastes the same.

Sophie put cheese on her egg and she said that was good also.

I especially liked it with the toast (gluten free, of course) because it gave it had the flavor of the egg with the crunchiness of the toast.

It was quite delicious so I will give this 2 THUMBS UP

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  1. It looks good but it's toooooo many calories for me. Now if you took out the yolk and no oil to fry it, we'd have us a low cal egg:)