Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 21 -- Easy Flavored Water

Recipe from Jamie's Food Revolution Cookbook

Day 21 and I did something easy. Easy Flavored Water.

Very refreshing!

Today me and my mom and my brother Caleb were at the supermarket and I saw about 15 obese people. I saw them loading their carts with mini powdered donuts, and fake brownies, and Twinkies and all that junk. A bunch of ice cream and only a little produce, like a couple of bananas and some apples.

And I felt very sad for them because they're stuck in a life where they're not cooking and are loading up with food that is so bad for them. I want to help people change. Maybe there's something GF Kids Cooking Challenge can do to help. I hope other kids, and people, can see that it's easy to cook, and it's actually really enjoyable. You don't have to fill up on all that junk. Have you seen those little motor carts at the supermarket? Some people use them because they are too obese to walk. I think that's sad, and that's why we think the Food Revolution is so important.

That's what I, a 10 year old girl, think anyway.

Now back to the cooking. The flavored water was super easy. It was really hot today, so I thought why don't I make something really quick and easy. What I did was got water with ice in it. You can use lemon or lime, but I used lime. You can add a little bit of sugar, but I didn't.
You squeeze the lime into the water with ice and then you drink and enjoy.

It was easy!

It was really refreshing! I accidentally put in too much lime so it was really sour, but if you like sour, you'll be good. I will do this again on a hot day.

1 1/2 THUMBS UP, because I needed a little sugar :)


  1. the water sounds like a great drink... i love lime

  2. I think your cooking challenge is a great thing!

    My kids already have a cooking blog, but the food is not always healthy that they make -always easy to make though! :)

    Good luck and I hope you do really well with this blog. I'll follow you. :)

  3. this is similar to lemonade i make when i go to a restaurant. i order lemon
    wedges and squeeze into my water, add a little sugar or splenda and i
    have delicious lemonade that is all natural. aunt marjie taught me this
    trick and i love it. maybe you will make your own restaurant lemonade now as well. love, Grammie