Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 19 - Bruchette

Blog by both Jared and Sophie, plus Peyton, Sophie's friend

Peyton, Jared, & Sophie

Day 19

Jared: Hello my fellow food-eaters. Today we made something delicious. But before we get into that, we must tell you something truly spiffing (yes, that's a word... it's in Harry Potter, the third book).

Sophie: Jamie Oliver's assistant emailed us and said that we're going to be in his newsletter!

Jared: And that is super-duper awesome 'cause maybe we'll get 5000 followers.

Sophie: I think this is awesome because not many kids get to experience getting noticed by Jamie Oliver.

Jared: Not many kids take on a challenge like this and get a response from Jamie Oliver and in 19 days. And on another note, I'm going to do this 4-H thing that has a cooking program and is like a mini iron chef (except that you don't make 5 dishes and you're not in Kitchen Stadium and we only can use 5 ingredients and we're not Iron Chefs---but I'm a Steel Chef, btw). This is going to give me a chance to experience what it will be like to be an Iron Chef.

basil from the garden

Sophie: I'm really liking doing this challenge because I'm learning new recipes, and you get to have a chance to taste foods you thought you wouldn't like and I can be open-minded. I learned from Jamie Oliver that there are jumbo coffins as big as a king a size bed, or bigger. That made me feel really scared and I realized that it can be really bad to be that overweight. I've seen people at airports and hospitals and just at everyday places who are overweight and obese and they don't know how to stop it. They are addicted to food.

Peyton: It's their happy place.

Sophie: And I think it's really sad. I want other people to live their lives for as long as they can...

Peyton: And appreciate what they've accomplished and live a healthy life. The food that we're cooking is really good and it's not too big a portion and it's healthier than a fast food restaurant.

Sophie: And fast food is disgusting. I hope people will get that they can change how they cook and eat.

Jared: They can change their whole lifestyle practically. I'm getting out of this new ways to cook. I've learned that simple things that are unhealthy, like chicken nuggets, can be healthy and if you make them they even taste better. I've never liked pasta. But I tried it tonight to be a risk-taker (quinoa pasta) and it actually tasted good because the sauce was homemade and wasn't so heavy. And if you see one tomato and a little basil and garlic, it's a lighter, not as heavy tomato sauce in one little bite.

quinoa pasta with classic tomato sauce

Peyton: I think it's a good way to be creative and a good way to take action. Jared and Sophie are trying to live healthier lives.

Jared: The bruchette was delicious. It had olive oil, which took the place of butter, and was super yummy. I cut basil, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese and I put it on the grill pan (though all the good stuff stuck to the pan).

gluten free bruchetta

Sophie: It's one of my favorite Italian foods. If you haven't had bruchetta and haven't liked it, you haven't had good bruchetta and you need to see a doctor.

Jared: The meatballs were the best things in the world. They were half pork, half beef, parmesan, romano, basil, and bread crumbs (next time we'll use oats). It was meaty heaven. My padre helped make these (if you wonder why I'm using the Spanish words, it's because I'm Latino... the politically correct term).
delicious pasta with meatballs!

Peyton: A kid's cooking challenge can be a lifesaver. I've learned that you don't always have to go to fast food restaurants. Instead you can cook with your family and have a good time.



  1. Great site!
    I'll being trying this pasta tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Keep up the good work.
    Giggles and Guns

  2. I definitely have to try the quinoa pasta.

  3. Everyone in our house like quinoa pasta. I chose that over spaghetti last night! It's a 'superfood' whatever that means... ancient aztec grain.

    We like it, and it's nice that Jared can eat pasta.

  4. Good luck with it, Mary. It's SO easy, and I really love it. Light and fresh.

  5. you guys are great !!! i love it keep up the cooking and pass it on jamie oliver xxx in uk

  6. Thanks, Jamie! That's a huge compliment that you stopped by our blog, chef jamie! I am trying to pass it on. I'm going to make book marks for our blog and pass them out at my school's fall festival. It's an IB school.

    Maybe you can come for a visit! If you're ever in Texas.