Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 38 - Fish Cakes

Today was the first day of school and it was okay. I have pretty good teachers and everything, but I'm sad because this school thing is really going to make it harder for us to cook because we have to balance our homework and stuff.

But I'm going to do my best. I found a couple of easy recipes for emergencies like when we don't have enough time to cook something big.

Tonight we made fish cakes.

Now I know it sounds really kind of weird, but it looks pretty good. It's basically like a potato biscuit with fish in it. It was medium-ish to make in difficultly. We peeled and chopped potatoes and put them in salted, boiling water. Then when they're halfway cooked, you put the fish in a colander and steam it.

We used tilapia, but the recipe called for salmon.

Once they're both done, you mash them together, add egg, parsley, flour (we used gluten free, of course), and lemon zest. Jamie sure does like his lemon zest.

Then you make it into patty shapes.

Next you get a frying pan that's hot, put olive oil in it, and basically fry them. Ta da, you have successfully made some fish cakes.

Everyone LOVED these.
Jared said: "These are the best things EVER."
Sophie said, "Yummy!"

PS: We also made Gluten Free biscuits to go with our fish cakes.


  1. We make something like it called salmon patties. It looks good, but a lot of work. Do you have any crock pot recipes? That could be handy for your long days at school.

  2. These were easy! And we'll definitely do them again.

    Yeah, we have a crock pot, but don't know if there are Jamie recipes to adapt to it. A day at a time!