Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 42 - Mexican Bean Wrap

My mother and father had a staff party 'cause my dad works at a school. He wanted to thank the teachers by throwing a party. So my mom had already made beans, the cilantro rice, and some chicken. There were about 40 people coming, so we had to make a lot of food.

Jared helped a little

We still had to make our recipe for the day. We had no idea what to make but we wanted it to be Mexican food. My brother Jared was playing a game. He's addicted to it, says my brother, AJ. And so I had to make the recipe.

My mother found the recipe on Jamie Online. I was able to use beans, corn tortillas, our chicken, and cheese.

Mashing Beans

It was kind of like a fancy quesadilla, in a way, because you sprinkle the cheese on, add your mashed up beans, chicken. You do this on one side of the tortilla and fold it in half.

Then you flip it over with a spatula and let that cook for a few minutes.

It was good. 2 THUMBS UP! But it could have used a little more cheese.

This was another day from Sophie, the Cooking Girl, seen on Fox 4, channel 9!!!

Oh! Jamie Oliver is having a news letter, and we're going to be in it! We'll post it, but tell people! Take the challenge!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! That looks delicious! We cook here in our house together as a family all the time. It's great to see other families doing the same thing.

    Jamie Oliver's recipe's always turn out great, don't they? I've never had a bad one. We cook his chicken stir fry all the time, and his meatball recipe, and his parma ham posh chicken.

    Keep on cooking!


  2. Wow Soph! You are doing awesome. Keep up the good Jared...

  3. Thank you, Marilyn!!!

    We are having so much fun.