Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 44 - Dill Biscuits

Today there was a bit of an argument between Sophie and me (Jared) in the kitchen.  This  was not very extreme.  It was pretty normal because we bicker a lot.  Sophie was trying to tell me what to do and how to cook and I got mad.  I kind of spoke loudly (or yelled) at her and made a rude face, but in my opinion it wasn't actually that rude, but anyway it was a battle of wills.  Neither one of us won.  Except she sort of did since I got in trouble.  But the cooking must go on.

Sophie went to a Pampered Chef party with my mom today and won a Cookie Press.  So that was pretty crazy.  She wanted to make these Cheddar Dill Crisps and Jamie has a recipe for Dill Biscuits which are pretty similar.  Because we went Gluten Free, we adapted or changed the recipes around to make our own Dill Biscuit Crisp type thing.

The Cookie Press was an epic fail.  

It didn't really do what it was supposed to do.  We think the dough was too thick.  

We also used the new GF Bisquick instead of GF flour because we ran out of GF flour.  So we just experimented with the dough in true Jamie Oliver fashion.  It was really easy.

You mix some butter and cheese and flour and dill, then you mold it and bake it.  That was pretty much it. 

They taste pretty good.  I give them 2 9/8ths THUMBS UP (also known as 3 1/8 for those who are math challenged). 

Sophie says a million, kagillion thumbs up.

Thank you, and good night.  


  1. Dude! I'm totally math challenged BUT I like the recipe. I went to a Pampered Chef party this weekend too, but didn't get that cool tool. Jamie Oliver better watch kids are making your own recipes!

  2. I like this. Did you shred the cheese?

  3. Yes, shredded cheese. The kids made gluten free and regular and the consensus is that the gluten free is better!!

    I'll have them post the actual recipe they followed tomorrow!