Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 50 - Piece by Piece Omelet

Whoo-hoo! It's day 50 of our challenge! Can you believe we have cooked for 50 days, straight? I can't. I think that not many people in general could have done this. A lot of people would have given up on day 2, 10, or 49.

I've wanted to give up multiple times, but I didn't. Sometimes I have just been so tired, or feeling lazy, or doing homework and I just didn't want to cook. Also writing the blog is hard, even though we dictate a lot of the time to my mom. But I like Jamie Oliver's message and want other people to join the food revolution. Somewhere deep inside my loving heart, a voice told me, "You have to do this. It's your destiny." I listened to the voice. Now you may not think this, but that was actually very sincere. Minus the voice part.

To cook for day 50, we did an omelet. Now this isn't just any old omelet, it was the king of omelets. It also wasn't in the morning that we had this omelet, we had breakfast for dinner.

Now, originally this recipe is a potato and chorizo omelet. But the chorizo my dad bought, which was a vegetarian chorizo, had wheat in it.

So I did mine with sausage.

We didn't have a pan that can be used on the stove and put into the oven so I kind of burned the bottom of the omelet. I tried flip it since the top was still a little raw, and it kind of fell apart, and that's how this omelet earned the name of Piece by Piece Omelet. The potatoes definitely added a better all-around flavor because it compliments the dish.

The reviews were for the potato and vegetarian chorizo omelet: 2 THUMBS. My mom says 2 THUMBS UP. She won't even eat regular chorizo because she says it's gross.

For the sausage and potato Piece by Piece Omelet, I give it 2 THUMBS UP. Caleb, my 7 year old brother says, "It was delicious, but the crunchy bottom is more toasted than I thought. It was delicious."

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