Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 46 - Cauliflower and Cheese Soup

Cookbook - Jamie's Food Revolution

Cauliflower. Not something that sounds super-duper appetizing.

Think again, my little friend. It is actually quite good...if you know how to cook it. And Jamie Oliver does know how to cook it because he's, like, a cooking genius.

So today, as you might have guessed, I made something with cauliflower. I made Cauliflower and Cheese soup, to be precise. Now you must be thinking, "Boy, they must just buy cauliflower for their health!"

Although it might seem like that, that's actually quite a pitiful guess for we only had the cauliflower for one reason. We recently, like today, joined a fruit and veggie co-op. My mother came home today with a whole boatload of fresh fruits and veggies. Where'd did she get them? Can you figure it out? Yep, the co-op.

And there, out of the blue, a surprise sprang...a head of cauliflower!


And so I thought to myself, "What is cauliflower doing here?" I soon figured out that we had to make a dish with cauliflower tonight. This had to be done in between my piano lesson (I've been playing for 7 years, just FYI), band registration night, and 4-H (which is a group which has a lot of activities and things to do, including cooking). In all, including eating, we had about 35 minutes to make this.

All I did was get garlic, carrots, cauliflower, onion, celery (which we didn't have). Chop, chop, chop it.

Saute it in olive oil.
Meanwhile bring chicken (or veggie) to a boil. Once the veggies are soft, add them to the broth. I covered and cooked it for about 10 minutes, then I used a hand blender and blended it. I added cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper, and dried mustard.

Ladle it into a bowl. I think it tasted good with sausage bread. It wasn't disgusting like you may think cauliflower would be. I think that cauliflower is a veggie that has a majorly wrong stereotype.

I liked the soup so I give it 1 1/2 THUMBS UP. So did Sophie.

This is the salad Sophie and my mother made to go with our soup.

Not bad for 35 minutes.

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