Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 59 - Consistently Good Gravy

So you may think that my posts come in a little bit late. But let me tell you something I learned from a very wise man. A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives exactly when he needs to. That's from Lord of the Rings. Gandolf says it.

My posts are never early, and never late. They are exactly on time.

On that topic of Gandolf, I made some gravy today, because Gandolf quite enjoyed his gravy. Gandolf told me how to make it (did you know Gandolf's secret identity is Jamie Oliver?). One of his spell books is disguised as a cookbook.

The recipe says to use drippings of a newt's eye, aka roasted chicken. However we didn't actually roast a newt's eye (chicken) so we used chicken broth.

I used one tablespoon of fresh dirt, aka flour, aka potato starch since I'm gluten free. Stir that together with swamp water, aka wine, and you have made a dastardly potion, aka gravy.

It is best served on top of some fresh crocodile meat, aka leftover chicken and potatoes from last night's dinner.

The verdict was 2 THUMBS UP from Sophie, and 1 3/4 THUMBS UP because I thought there was too much swamp water (wine) in it.

But it was still good.

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