Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 60 - Hardly Any Prep Shrimp Stir-Fry

Whoooooooo!!!! It's day 60!!!

Which is pretty darn awesome!!!

Now, if you're like me, and if you're like me you're cool, and even if you're not like me, you're cool, you probably liked my Gandolf post from yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it because Gandolf is pretty cool, although Lord of the Rings is like my brother, Sam's, movie series since he watches it with all his friends.

The thing that I like to watch with my friends is Star Wars and Talladega Nights which I am watching with friends Saturday.

Anyway, I made Hardly Any Prep Shrimp Stir-Fry, which you can tell from the title. And in Star Wars they should eat shrimp stir-fry because Jedi's need to keep their energy up, you know, so they can use their minds and the force and their light sabors to fight Sith.

Back to the stir fry. As you might have guessed, there was not very much prep. You just cut up some cilantro stalks, 2 cloves of garlic, and ginger.

Chopping Ginger

You add it to a hot wok with oil. Along with it, you put some shrimp in. You let that cook then add a mixture of five spice powder, soy sauce (gluten free, of course), sesame oil, and let that cook. While that's cooking, you cook rice noodles.

When it's all done you drain the noodles, then put them in your bowl and top them with the shrimp stuff.

I'm thinking of some Gandolf type of thing for tomorrow's post. I do know what I'm going to write about but I'm disinclined to acquiesce to any requests about tomorrow's topic. That's from Pirates of the Caribbean, by the way.


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  1. Yummy on the shrimp. Not so yummy on the Gandolf guy. But give me a little Ricky Bobby anyday...huh~maybe you should use a little shake-n-bake, because if you ain't first, you last!

  2. I had shrimp tonight for dinner before I saw this recipe. If I have some shrimp left, I'll make this dish tomorrow.

  3. Oh, I like Gandolf, too. But I especially love this shrimp dish! This may be on my menu in just a few days--thank you!


  4. i like tonyas idea ricky bobby is one of the best movies of all time i love it like "you got to learn to drive with the fear