Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 76 - Potato Cheese Soup

Recipe From My Mom

After we hit day 75 we kind of mellowed out. We sort of needed a break. It's been 2 days since we blogged.

We decided that we're not going to blog about our cooking everyday. We're still cooking, but will blog a couple times a week until we get to day 100, and maybe more.

We've been really busy because my grandparents brought us a stray cat from the lake.

We've been really busy with it since it's not potty trained and has peed on my bed and on Jared's bed. Then we found out she is pregnant. Plus my mom isn't feeling well, and neither am I, and my brothers had their first band competition and came in 2nd place, so, yeah, we've been busy.

But still eating healthy.

Tonight I made my mother's homemade potato cheese soup. I chose to make this recipe because it felt like a soup day and it's quite yummy.

It's also really easy. You just peel potatoes, cut them into squares, boil them up for about 30 minutes. You also chop carrots, celery, and onions and sauté them in a pan.

Then after those are done, you add them into the broth and potatoes.

You grate some cheddar cheese while that's cooking.

Next you blend the potato and veggies together with a hand blender.

Sophie's Cooking Tip of the Day:

If it's too thick, I learned you can add a little milk to make it less thick.
Then you add cheese, some dill weed, and salt and stir it all up.

It's really easy and good. My whole family loves it (except Sam). This has been another night of cooking from Sophie the cooking girl!

2 Billion Thumbs Up


  1. You guys have a zoo going on over there!! I hope they aren't sleeping in my quarters:) Soup looks great. It was 54 degrees here today so I wish I had some.

  2. I could eat potato cheese soup right now ... got any left?

    You sure have some interesting critter happenings going on. Hope those get resolved soon, as well as the illness. No fun. Soup should help all with feeling better. ;-)


  3. No we don't sorry i was gonna take some fore lunch but we where out

  4. Potatoes and cheese in the same place...awesome!
    It's dipping down into the 50's tonight in Savannah. I need soup!!! Where's my potato peeler? Come on...give it up.
    Sharon Marie

  5. Dude, Jared, where's your spell checker?