Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 25 - Cilantro and Lime Rice

Cookbook - Jamie's Food Revolution

Today I made cilantro and lime rice! Which by the way, the food critics (in my house--mom and dad) said is amazing.

I thought it was okay. You finely chop cilantro. You wash and zest a lime. I did not know what zest meant before this cooking challenge. Now I know that zest means to grate the skin of a lemon, lime, or orange. I thought zest would taste kind of funky and would be sour, but I found out it's really useful in cooking and you use it a lot. Jamie Oliver uses it a lot.

Jared says it gives it a lot of flavor without using a lot of the fruit itself. You can save the fruit and sometimes the fruit has more sugar, so the zest is good because it gives a lot of flavor using a lot less fruit.

Once you cook your rice, you squeeze the juice of the lime into the rice, add the cilantro, zest, salt and pepper, and, as Jamie says, "one good lug of olive oil". It tastes exactly like Chipotle rice.

So that was a night with Sophie, the cooking girl.



  1. I don't think I'd try this b/c I don't eat white rice. Your parents seem to eat anything:)

  2. I may give this one a try, especially since plain rice can get boring.

  3. Definitely sounds like it might not work/be too strong, but I bet I'd like it, too ... especially with some zesty chicken or fish. ;-)