Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 51 - Stewed Fruit, Minus the Stewing, with Yogurt

Well, it's day 51 and we made it past day 50 (hence the day 51). To celebrate, we went to the movies at around 6:00. We saw The Karate Kid, which is a good movie... you should see it.

By the time we got home, it was after 9:00 so we needed something quick and easy. We made Stewed Fruit, Minus the Stewing, with Yogurt. I made a parfait. I put some vanilla yogurt on the bottom of one of those elegant, fancy-shmancy dishes for ice cream and stuff. Then I layered it with some cut strawberries. You can do this with any type of fruit or multiple types of fruit. And really, to follow this recipe, you should stew it, which means just cooking it with some stuff in it. I'm not really sure what you stew it in since I didn't do it this time. I will try actually stewing, sometime. Eventually. In the near future. Maybe.

This is our homemade granola, the Jamie Oliver recipe, too!

Then you put some more yogurt, and some more yogurt. Then you top it with some granola, or strawberries and granola, or you can just use oats.

It tasted good. I might have eaten all of it, but I stuffed my face with movie theater popcorn. Even though it's not healthy, I give into temptations once in a while, so don't blame yourself if you do that. Just make sure it's not 20 donuts.

1 7/8 THUMBS UP (because 2 THUMBS UP is getting too predictable!)

Thank you, and good night. Literally.


  1. I eat fat free yogurt everyday. I like to put a little fresh fruit in it. I think this would be 10 hands up for me:)

  2. I'm been enjoying Greek yogurt since I was three-years old. This look great especially with the strawberries. Yummy!