Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 53 - Chili Con Carne

Hello, it's me, Caleb, the one that wants to be a cameraman for this blog. Yeah, I'm seven and my mom is typing what I say.

Today I helped cook because...because my brother and sister were at their piano lessons and my other brothers had to go to band. Well me and my mom cooked together. This cooking should count in the kids cooking challenge because if it doesn't count, then my brother and sister would have to pick a different recipe. And they don't want to do that. Plus, we already made a recipe. And I'm a kid.

We made...Chili with lots of stuff in it and it does not look like chili.

It looks good to me, but it won't taste good to me. I did not taste even a little tiny bit. I didn't take a little bite because it wouldn't taste good because I don't like the stuff in it.

I had super fun making it. I got to stir, put stuff in it, I got to cut celery, and I got to cut cilantro. Cutting is really fun. But it wasn't that sharp of a knife. It was a kid's knife, though. My mom taught me to curl my fingers because it makes you safe. This way I won't chop off my fingers, which would be bad.

I cut the end of the celery off, the bottom of the tree part, and put the rest in. I put the last part, the leaf part of the celery in the red bucket, and when the bucket is full, we dump it in the trash, and when it gets full, we do it again, over and over again until it breaks, which my mom won't think will happen. Jamie Oliver calls this his rubbish, or something.

Well...my favorite part of cooking tonight was stirring...

and the weird part was that you put cinnamon in the chili.

And other stuff, but only the cinnamon was kind of weird.

My brother AJ thought it was good...

That's a crooked thumbs up

...but my brother Sam didn't even try it and he didn't think it would taste good, but he doesn't know since he didn't try it. I don't know if it tastes good. It looks good to me, but it doesn't look tasty. My dad thought it was the best thing in the world. He said to me and mom, "2 Thumbs Up!"

I had super fun cooking.

May the force be with you.

by Caleb and the whole blog...TO ME caleb!

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  1. Hi Caleb! I think it looks like you did a fantastic job. I've never put cinnamon in my chili, but I just might try it.