Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 71 - Broccoli with Asian Dressing

Hi Everyone! This is me, Sophie, of course. Let me tell you what I made today. I made broccoli with Asian Dressing.

BTW, I didn't like it at all.

But, today I learned how to grate ginger and garlic, which is very hard. The garlic is in one clove and it's really small, so you have to use the palm of your hand. The ginger was the same. It worked, but it would have been easier to use the garlic press.

First, I cut up the broccoli, but we used broccolini from our food co-op.

It was just like baby broccoli. You get boiled water, and put the cut up broccoli in a colander, and steam it.

While that's steaming, you make the sauce. When the broccoli is done, the sauce is also done, so it all works out.

Sesame oil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and a lime, plus the ginger and garlic. That's it. Then you whisk it all together. You can also add chili to the sauce if you want, but we didn't since most of my family doesn't like chili.

Something I've learned from Jamie Oliver's recipes is that you don't have to always have all the stuff, but it still tastes good. We used a lemon instead of a lime today. You can do substitutes.

Like I said, I didn't like this one, but my brother, AJ, gave it 1 3/4 THUMBS UP and his girl friend, Claire, gave it 2 THUMBS UP.

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