Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 70 - Breakfast Eggy Crumpets

HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!!! Howhaveyoubeen?Ihavebeengood,thanksforasking.

It's day 70!

Quotes from us:

"I think that we've cooked every day for 70 days is a bit misleading because there have actually been about 2 exempt days when neither Sophie or I cooked. One was when my mom did a guest post and the day Caleb cooked for us. So really it's not day 70, but it is, so it's contradicting, but if you have an open-minded mind as a Jedi, then you will understand the ways of the Force...and the ways of counting." ~Jared

"First off, you should know that Jared is just a little...he must know everything. He must say everything that he thinks. But about day 70. I think it's amazing we've accomplished cooking for 70 days. Most kids think cooking is hard and they think only moms can do it. They're very wrong. If you've ever watched Iron Chef, I think you know how many guy cookers there are. And I bet President Obama has cooked at least a hamburger. I think 70 days of cooking is cool. I don't think many kids could cook for 70 days straight. Or, as Jared says, 67 days. I'm proud and think I've done something good in the world. Now, back to you, Jared..." ~Sophie

My prediction yesterday was true. It's been a very good weekend so far. As you can tell I'm having a good day, and if ya can't then... well you need to check your mind.

Just kidding!!!!

Well this was a really good recipe and I loved it. Better than french toast and that's saying something. Well, to make this dish, you just need to soak crumpets in eggs that were beaten together. Then cook some bacon and put the crumpets in the fat and cook it until golden brown.

We didn't actually have surprise there... so we used english muffins. But they're both from England, so no one really cares...except for the people that really do care. If you do care, then I would like to apologize. The english muffins did work spiffingly, which is, indeed, a word.

This is not one of your typical Jamie Oliver healthy meals. Cooking in bacon fat is fatty. So not good...but good. I will definitely make this again, but will do it without the bacon fat and see how that works.

They're Greeeeaaat.

Eleventy-Four THUMBS UP!!! Which is the equivalent of 114.


  1. That's an awful lot of thumbs up, but I love bacon and that final photo looks awful tasty! :-)

    Oh, don't worry about that 2-day "discrepancy" ... just go with it! ;-)


  2. It was tasty, even if it seems like a heart attack on a plate! We all loved it, especially Jared.