Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 68 - Commercial Break: The Best Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

What a day!

I mean how many days a year do you have to get an emergency root canal surgery?!

I had gross puss stuff coming out of my mouth. I don't think that I will be going to school tomorrow. After the experience of the endodonist drilling in the back of my tooth, I thought that I, Jared, deserve a break and a treat.

The Good Dr. Patel

Oh. That endodonist did get rid of my tooth thing in case you were worried (which I doubt you were) about me.

I was feeling a bit weird after all this. I wanted to make something a little sugary. I can only eat soft things, so I had the perfect thought. Especially since it's officially fall now.

After the swelling decreased a little bit and I felt better, I made my favorite thing in the whole world (dramatic pause)...chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

We have the best recipe in the world for chocolate chip pumpkin bread. It's from our friends in California, last name Stutzman.

Just mix it all together.

Mrs. Stutzman would make it for me and my friend (her son) who is also Jared, so this is kind of to honor her and her brilliance because she made it gluten free for me when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease.

This is our favorite GF flour (but we still have to try King Arthur)

Look, one handed!

All we do is substitute the flour with gluten free flour, and it has mammoth flavor.

It's not a Jamie Oliver recipe, and it's not really a healthy recipe, but everyone deserves a treat every now and then, right? So today is our commercial break from our challenge. I still cooked, root canal and all, so I say the challenge is still good.

What do you think? And I'm good?


Notice the swelling?

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