Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 65 - Cucumber Yogurt

Recipe from Jamie's Food Revolution

Hello! I was at a birthday party yesterday and so I didn't get to make anything. My little brother, Caleb did, so that was good for him. Thanks, Cabe!!

I missed cooking for the last two days. I think cooking is a way to let your feelings out. If you like to cook, it's something you want to do everyday. I think my brother feels that way, also. I think my Grammy and Mama think so, too, sometimes.

What it does for me is that I get involved with the cooking and I don't think about what happened about earlier at school, say, or if a girl pinches me. FYI, someone did and I was super angry at that one person. I was crying. I was upset. I wanted to go back and tell her, "You know what? You are a mean, rude girl."

Instead of yelling at that girl, I made Cucumber Yogurt sauce, which is also called Tzaziki. It's one of my favorite sauces and I was super happy to see that Jamie Oliver has a recipe for it in his Food Revolution cookbook.

The things you need in it are cucumber, plain yogurt, lemon juice, and we added garlic. Now, my grandpa emailed me and suggested I tell more about skills I'm using. I think that's a good idea because if kids are reading this (we actually got an email from a kid!), they could learn some of what I've learned. And Jared, too.

First I cut the cucumber in half

Today I used my chopping skills, but I did a thing called mincing. Mincing is very, very finely chopping.

I got to use the sharp knives today. When I was chopping the cucumber, I curled my fingers so that way I didn't chop off my finger.
That would not be a wonderful thing.

Oh! I also learned that garlic can be very, very strong. It made the sauce a little bit spicy, but I like it that way. I used a garlic press which is very cool.

Cucumber yogurt is so yummy in my tummy. We had it with grilled chicken and brown rice and green beans. It was a super healthy, yummy meal!

A Bazillion, or 2, THUMBS UP

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  1. What a great tutorial with safety reminders for all of us! That cucumber yogurt sauce looks so refreshing ... I love cucumbers. :-)

    Thanks, Sophie!