Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 69 - Burgers & Sliders

This is going to be a perfect weekend, and since I'm a Jedi, I can tell. I can tell because I had a good day at school today, despite my tooth, because it doesn't really hurt anymore, minus the pressure because there's a little bit of pain when I eat. But it's still better. I have no homework. It is fall, officially. And it was all dark and gloomy today, which I like. It was rainy, which is good.

I'm not like a gloom-demon, I just like the rain and cool weather.

Even though I would not have chosen this particular dish to celebrate the weather, I thought it was good. I like hamburgers, but they're not my first choice.

My first choice is one of the following:
  1. pizza
  2. Asian food
  3. Mexican.
Generally I like a lot of things in those categories. I'm not a huge fan of American food. So I would have chosen one of those genres of food, but before I could say that, my mom had already taken hamburger meat out.

My mom didn't didn't want to defrost a gluten free hamburger bun because we already had a GF hotdog bun out... I cut it in half and made sliders for me using a little tool the Texas Beef Council mailed my mom as part of that luncheon she went to last week (she guest blogged here, remember?).

I thought using that tool was kind of an interesting tool because it makes, like, a perfect circle out of the meat.

What makes these burgers different from a regular hamburger is:
  1. They're not processed, per our food philosophy (which is healthy and, like, make your own stuff)
  2. You put sautéed red onions in it
  3. You put an egg in it (which we bypassed because we didn't have any eggs--shocking!--or egg whites, and even though I went to the neighbors to borrow one, no one was home because they were at the high school football game which we were not at because it's an away game)
  4. Cracker crumbs, but we used GF corn flake crumbs
  5. Shredded parmesan cheese

I think these were good, but they weren't muy perfecto because:
  1. They were too thick
  2. I'm just not a huge fan of hamburgers

I give them 1 3/4 THUMBS UP. My dad would have liked more zing, but he still ate 2 of them, plus Caleb's 1/8 leftover.

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