Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 14 - Bacon and Cheese Omelette

Cookbook - Jamie's Food Revolution

Today I, as in Jared, made a delectable bacon, cheese, and egg omelette.

Obviously an omelette is made of eggs. (If you don't know that, you might want to consult your doctor about your knowledge)

It was fairly easy to make which was a relief after last night when we made two dishes and the failure of the lemony lemon cake.

All I did was put eggs in a bowl, put in some salt and pepper, mix it up, and then you put it into a hot frying pan after you put in a chunk of butter and let it melt.

New cooking station...

You wait until it's kind of cooked on the bottom but kind of not cooked on the top. Then you add the cheese and bacon, which I was supposed to cook in the pan, but I used the microwave.

Perfectly cooked omelette

When it's just about cooked, I folded it in half like a taco.

Folding it like a taco

It cooked for a couple more minutes and ta da! If you do this you will have made your first bacon and cheese omelette. We will be sending you your certificate in the mail and you will receive it shortly.


Notice from the pictures that we have made a better work station so we're not running around all the time. We have added a cutting board that we're leaving out all the time just like Sam the Cooking Guy from Just Cook This... 'cause we don't have a whole counter made of wood like Jamie.

I like the new station. It brings joy to my heart. Seriously.

Happy Eating...until next time...



  1. What do you think about using turkey bacon? I just ate some that did not taste like cardboard. Good presentation!

  2. Message from above is from pops.