Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 11 - Scrambled Eggs

As Jamie would say, "That is spiffy and brilliant!"

He also DIRECT MESSAGED US, so clearly he has brain psychic power abilities, too, since he obviously felt our longing for us to direct message with him.

Now back to business.

The business of cooking. And since Jamie Oliver is in the business of cooking, that's obviously still on the same business so we're going to continue with the same business.

Today I was feeling a little bit lazy. All people feel like that sometimes, I think . . .

I made some classic scrambled eggs, with gluten free toast, of course. It was magnificent.

Usually when we make scrambled eggs, we spray the pan with a cooking oil like Pam or that kind of stuff. But this time we used some butter in the bottom of the pan. I thought that was pretty spiffing (which my mom thinks is not a word but really is).

I also added some pepper, and I don't normally add pepper. I enjoyed the peppery flavor. It was kind of subtle, so it wasn't overpowering, so it was perfect.

Except that nothing in life is perfect, so it's kind of ironic, but that's not the cooking business. These were as perfect as they could be without being perfect.


I shall definitely make this multiple times in my future.


  1. Quick and easy is always a good choice when you feel lazy:)

  2. You may have just inspired my picky eater to try them. Thank you Jared and Sophie!

  3. Congrats on your direct message with JO!! Awesome!