Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 12 - Chicken Fajitas

Cookbook - Food Revolution

Here ye, here ye! On this magnificent day, I have made a truly spiffy meal. This particular meal was from Jamie Oliver's food revolution cook book!! And it was already gluten free.

Holy cow!! Isn't that crazy!!

So anyway I, me, as in Jared not Sofia (she is at our dear grandparent's house), made some yummy (did you notices that I use that term a lot?) chicken fajitas.

Before I get into that I need to tell you something: I got some new cooking materials. I got a pepper grinder, a hand mixer (really it's my mom's 'cause hers broke--only $20 at Walmart), a olive oil dripper type-o thing, and some other stuff.
Now back to cooking, the meal was under the twenty minute area in the book.


Just the twenty minute part. But then I am an inexperienced cutter. And not a good speed demon chopper. So if you're a good cutter then it's 19 minutes (or so says the recipe).

I HATE cutting raw chicken!

All you do is cut some onion and bell pepper (I don't like the onion, but I used it) and season it with paprika and cumin. Drizzle the olive oil (with my new drizzle bottle) over them, and let it all sit for five minutes.
Now cut your chicken to about the length of the bell pepper. Then put it all on a hot grill pan and move it around so it doesn't burn.

And voila! some fajita chicken!!!
Notice my mom's homemade Spanish rice, made from scratch, that is very delicious...
best in the world!


Even my oldest brother and his girl friend gave it two thumbs up (hey AJ and Claire), and it was fun to make.

So, until next time....................


  1. Mom gives it 2 thumbs up, too!

  2. Good work, Jared! I hate cutting raw chicken almost as much as I hate lima beans. And, brother, I hate lima beans. :)

  3. I really need to buy some pots and pans so I can make these dishes.

  4. LOL! Yes, you should, Dru!