Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 13, part 2 - Lemon Drizzle Cake

This is the second part of, like, a duo, for today's cooking. I, Jared, am writing this. We made a lemon cake that was a failure.

Using our new hand mixer

We're not really sure why. First it didn't rise. It was really lemony because all the lemon was really concentrated when it was supposed to be spread out. So I didn't like it at all, really, and this is the first thing I didn't really like, so I was disappointed.

It took a lot of lemons!

I didn't like it because it was too concentrated and the texture was kind of weird for me. Part of the problem might also have been that the recipe ingredients were in grams and we had to convert it and we may have done it wrong. We also used a new gluten free flour mix.

We couldn't get the cake out of the pan!

So, next time, we'll use a smaller pan, double check our measurements, and leave out the tangy syrup stuff.

Our first failure

But my madre liked the cake even with the lemony craze.

It was only 1/2 inch tall! Guess the pan was too big.

One a happier subject, we found Jamie Oliver's cooking show, called Jamie Oliver At Home and it was pretty awesome.

0 THUMBS UP for me, but 29 THUMBS UP for my mom.


  1. SOPHIE!! No birthday cake for you??? I'd demand some of them brownies your mom is always makin'.

  2. Hardy har har! I'm always makin' chocolate chips cookies, not brownies, chica!

  3. Lemon see here... You set out to make a lemon cake but instead you made a cake a lemon (yakyakyak). Son, such is life and I am proud of you for trying and moving on. Btw. Don't let mom talk you into lemony food.