Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 9 - Fruit Smoothy

Cookbook - Jamie's Food Revolution

Today is Sunday and we made a smoothy. It's a mix and match smoothy. The recipe calls for different stuff. You can do different kinds of frozen fruits and then it's just kind of what you like. It says to use plain yogurt, but we didn't have any so we used vanilla yogurt.

The weird thing is that it calls for oats. The oats slows down the sugar from the fruits going into your blood so it doesn't rush through your body all at once. You can also put in nuts. You can also add honey to bring out the flavor of the strawberrries or the bananas if you can't taste it that well.

I didn't like the graininess of the oats, but we used steel cut oats. We were supposed to use regular oats. So with steel cuts oats it was grainy and I give it 1 THUMB UP.

But if you use regular oats, I probably would have liked it a lot better. I'll try it again another day with regular oats--not today, some other time--and see how many thumbs up I'll give it.


  1. Mmmm...I don't think I'd try that one.

  2. I'm gluten-free, but I can't eat oats. They give me a massive stomach ache!

  3. Even the Irish oats, Lori?

  4. Whyever not, Tonya?! I know you like oats and fruit!

  5. I love smoothies. Never tried oats. I always add ground flax seed to mine. Keep up the good work. You can't go wrong with Jamie Oliver and gluten free.