Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 1 - Jared

Hey everybody!! I'm Jared. So this is a blog about kids cooking. Me and my sister, Sophie, are going to try to cook something different every day for about 6 months and we're using Jamie Oliver's cookbooks and his food philosophy.

But I'm gluten free. So we're going to have to tweak the recipes a bit.

I want to do this because:
  1. I want to experience some new foods
  2. I'm tired with what I eat. Right now, out of 7 days, I have Mexican food 4 times. I mean, I like Mexican food but after a while it gets old.
  3. I want to support Jamie Oliver's food revolution because Americans have a few issues with their weight and their health. When I first saw the Food Revolution show, I really felt "Empowered by the Eagle" (that's from Nacho Libre, who could thin out with the Food Revolution, too).
  4. It inspired me to really want to help and support what he's doing. So we're doing it, too.
One recipe at a time.


  1. Jared, I think that the blog that you and Sophie have is phenomenal! The quality of your photos of the food are good enough for a cookbook! You two are inspirational. Anne Zeman

  2. Jared and Sophie,

    I have actual goosebumps over discovering your wonderful blog today! What cool kids you are!! You have an exciting opportunity on your hands to inspire others to eat well and live better.

    I have successfully overhauled our family's GF diet (including my 6 1/2 and 3 year old boys) to be primarily real food, as in naturally gluten-fee and the results have been amazing.

    Kudos to you and best of luck! I'm off to spread the word about your blog...

    Heidi @ Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom