Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 3 - Classic Tomato Spaghetti

Cookbook: Food Revolution

Jared wasn't here again today. He was over riding bikes with his friend, so I made classic spaghetti from the Food Revolution book.

Me and my mom decided to add our own spin by putting in balsamic vinegar (which my mom loves, and I think is okay), Shitake mushrooms, and fresh oregano from our garden. Well, we really don't have a garden but we have a flower bed that has flowers and oregano, a dead cilantro plant, and a really huge basil plant.

We did two types of pasta.
We did quinoa pasta which is gluten free and really yummy.
And we made regular spaghetti.
This is something I will definitely make again because I liked the homemade sauce and how it tasted. It tasted different than the processed type you buy at the store because you can actually feel the tomato in it and the other ingredients. In the jar sauce it's kind of slimy and has no texture. Feeling the tomatoes is better if you like it chunky. Which I did. The fresh basil is better because you can taste it and it really spreads the flavor and you get a piece of basil in each bite. You get the real natural flavor.

This was very easy to make and very tasty so I think you should try to make it at home.


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