Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 4 - Baked Pudding

Cookbook: Jamie's Kitchen

This is probably my favorite dessert I've ever tasted! Ever. Except besides tiramasu (maybe). It has a light fluffiness like tiramasu. It's really creamy. You take a bite into it and there's the gooeyness and fluffiness of it, so it's a really good combination.

You let it sit for about 5 or 10 minutes. It stays warm so the outside isn't too hot, but then the warm gooeyness inside kind of spills out.

And actually this recipe itself is gluten free! We didn't have to replace anything. It uses rice flour instead of wheat flour, which was the best part. You do have to be a chocolate lover for this, though.

It wasn't that hard to make, but it is difficult for when you're a beginner because you have to separate the eggs because you need the whites for part and the yolks for part, so it's harder for beginners because if you've never done egg whites before it is difficult.

We also had to do the chocolate and espresso early but we didn't have any ice tray molds so we used an old halloween jello mold which was funny.

We also didn't know if it was supposed to be unsweetened chocolate or not, so we used chocolate chips and eliminated most of the sugar because we figured the sugar in the recipe meant we were supposed to use unsweetened chocolate, but it turned out great.

All in all, I thought if this was judged in a restaurant, it would get 5 stars.



  1. Oh....that looks so good. If you are having trouble seperating the white and yolk of the egg, they do sale a gadget that will do it for you:)