Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 6 : Chocolate Biscuits with Soft Chocolate Centers

From Jamie Oliver's Website

Okay, today, (dramatic pause) I made some very yummy chocolate biscuits!!!

Sorry this post is so late, tonight we went Hobby Lobby, then to Pei Wei (all fresh!), then to Target and it ran late so we got home at like 7:50.

First, let me just say it. I don't love a lot of chocolate. It's too...chocolaty.

But I went for it anyway.

I found the recipe on Jamie Oliver's website. The biscuits I just finished making were chocolaty. I didn't love 'em because of that, but they were pretty good.

Now even though we went to Target and got groceries, my mom didn't get butter so I had to use shortening. I didn't even know what shortening is. And I used Bob's Red Mill GF baking mix instead of flour.

The recipe says the cookies are crumbly and the are. My mom said they'd be great with coffee. Of course she likes anything with coffee.

Here I am rolling out and cutting the dough.

Here they're going into the oven.
Although they were kinda dry, with milk they were great!! I really like the gooey stuff on the inside (which is just chocolate chips).

These were really good and I liked them.

1 1/2 THUMBS UP.

So until next time...

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