Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 1 - Chicken Chow Mein

Cookbook: Food Revolution

Okay, this evening me and Sophie made some Chicken Chow Mien from the famous Jamie’s Food Revolution cookbook and we made it gluten free. Surprisingly, it was good.

**One quick note - cut the water chestnut in half, it’ll be way better.

If you like chow mien, then you’ll love this. If you don’t like chow mien, then definitely don’t make this.

Now my senses tell me that you might be wondering how we made it gluten free since chow mien is, like, noodles.

I knew it!!

I was right. You want to know!

Well, the answer is simple, my young padawan (that's from star wars in case you didn't know). All you do is use rice noodles instead of wheat noodles. But that's not all. You also need wheat free soy sauce. Call right now and you’ll get one bottle of wheat free soy sauce.


So, yeah. Until next time!!!

Happy cooking!

left- wheat free;

right - with wheat

1 THUMBS UP because we need to find better noodles. The wheat was too mushy and the rice was too thin. We'll do it again, though.


  1. Well, I for one loved it! Good job Jared and Sophie!

  2. This was really fun to make. I thought cutting the ginger was my favorite because ginger is shaped like a weird finger. I'm proud of myself for making this, and I hope others will try it and enjoy it.

  3. Sounds yummy. May the force be with you!

  4. Sounds delicious! Congrats, and thanks for the wheat-free tips.

  5. Looks yummy...rice noodles, I'm going to check my stores for that.

  6. Check the Asian food section, Dru!