Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 26 - Boiled Eggs

Cookbook - Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I’m really liking doing this. The challenge, I mean. It’s really quite fun. I mean I liked cooking before this, but I never really did it much. So this is super awesome.

Anyway, I was looking at, which is cool and you should check it out. So I was looking and I saw a a restaurant called Fifteen and it has a cooking classes.

Cool!! I know, right!!!!

And so I looked up the places where the restaurants are located and I found that there are only 3 in the world. There’s one in Amsterdam, one in Cornwall, and there’s one in Melbourne. When I found that out, I thought that was a bummer because I live in Texas and Texas isn’t near the Netherlands, England, or Australia. So it was a lose-lose situation because I was ready to go to Fifteen and eat there and look at the classes. Check it out, you know what I mean?

I just wanted to mention this because I thought it was pretty interesting and I thought that you guys would think it was pretty interesting.

Anyway, today I cooked 2 boiled eggs around 10 o’clock this morning. It was the first boiled eggs that I’ve made.

Just my luck, I misread the instructions and I used a frying pan instead of a sauce pan because I couldn’t think since I’d just woken up, so I asked Sophie and she said, “Use a frying pan”, although in her defense she says she was focusing on making scrambled eggs for her dear poor mother who was working hard writing a new book.
Hint: don't use a frying pan to boil an egg

And I cooked them to make them semi-firm and set the timer. After the timer went off, I cut one of them open and found the egg all over my cutting board.
A yolk disaster

That was not good. No way, Jose. It was a spectacular failure, but I got an A for effort, btw.

I figured out how not to use a frying pan to boil an egg but it was too late for the first one. I let the other egg cook in the frying pan for another ten minutes. I decided to risk opening it up. Looking at the picture, I cut off the top of the egg and it worked. It wasn’t semi-firm, it was firm. But it still tasted good. I made some bacon with it, and I ate it and it was good.

I also made some guacamole around lunch time. I was inspired by Sam the Cooking Guy from Fit TV, a super cool, awesome guy you should check out. I should have used a tomato and the chipotle sauce he uses, but we didn’t have either so I used salsa. I also squeezed a little bit of lime and green onions and it was really good.
Sam the Cooking Guy's Gauc, minus the real tomato and chipotle

It was a very semi-successful cooking day, if I do say so myself, which I can since I’m me.


Until next time...


  1. Sam I really think your parents should send you to the Netherlands for the classes! I can only muster up one cooked meal a day. Way to go on two!

  2. Oooppps! I mean JARED!!! Sam can go with you:)

  3. LOL! A little loopy, there, Tonya.

  4. Live and learn! :-) Glad you still had an egg and bacon, and great guac, too!


  5. !!! It was kind of hilarious, Shirley. This is what happens when Mom's not in the loop. =)