Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 28 - Salsa Verde

Today I have had interesting lesson. No, not lesson. I gained interesting knowledge. I made salsa verde and I was quite surprised by how it tasted. The ingredients I used were green apple, tomatillos (little green tomato things that are really not tomatoes but are part of the berry family), and basil. But before I tell you about that, I have to tell you this:

I don't like tomatillos without the paper covering because when I touched them, after you let go of them, your hands are sticky. So I washed my hands about five times during this whole salsa verde experience.

Now back to what I was going to tell you before. Salsa verde is quite simple. I don't know why we're doing a lot of simple stuff right now. Maybe because I want to relax because school starts a week from Monday and I have summer homework to do. So I think once school starts back up, I won't be doing extremely complex things, but not too simple, either.

To make salsa verde, you cut the tomatillos into fourths, also called quarters, but this isn't a grammar type blog, because no one would read a grammar blog, come on. Core the apple and chunk it. Pick the leaves off the basil (and mint, except we didn't use mint... another thing we didn't have). Put it all into a food processor, turn it on, and let the food processor do its job.

Then you just have to add salt and pepper. That's about all.

No what I said at the beginning was that I was quite surprised by how it tasted. I didn't like it because the apple made it sweet. I don't really like sweet things. Like one time I was at a friend's house and they made a sweet crepe (before I had celiac disease) and I didn't like it because it was just powered sugar loaded with sweet stuff. Not good. The salsa verde was really sweet.

Sophie mixed some of the salsa verde with some regular salsa and that tasted good, but a little bit spicy for me.

A little sweet for me

It's doubtful that I will make this exact recipe again, but I will try another Jamie Oliver salsa verde recipe, and maybe others.
Mom and Sophie liked it

That is all I have to report today. Thank you for your time.

-2 THUMBS UP, 1 THUMB UP from my dad, who's not usually a salsa verde fan,
and 2 THUMBS UP from from my mom.


  1. Looks great! Is it more runny or thick? It looks a little runny.

  2. I made salsa verde last night too! I roasted garlic, onions and tomatillos in the oven and then put it all in the food processor with some lime juice, cilantro, and salt. The tomatillos are naturally a bit sweet but the apple made it more so in yours above. Try it this way and see what you think.