Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 27 - Strawberries with Gingersnaps and Vanilla Ice, Only We Didn't Have Ice Cream

Cookbook - Jamie's Food Revolution

Today was a very busy. I had friends over and Jared was working at my dad's school getting ready for school to start. Then I had to drop off my friends at their house, go all the way to Joann's to buy fabric for a sewing project I'm doing, then we had to take stuff to my dad's school. I don't need to go into anymore details, but the point is today I made something easy.

One problem with our recipe choice was that we didn't have vanilla ice cream, kind of important to the recipe since it includes strawberries, gingersnaps, and ice cream. "Kind of ironic,: Jared keeps saying.

So we had to use whipped cream (Jamie Oliver, if you are reading this post, don't get mad at us because we didn't have vanilla ice cream).

The ingredients you need for this desert are strawberries, already made gingersnaps (and we used Lucy's Cinnamon Thins which are REALLY good), and ice cream or whipped cream.

Lucy's Cinnamon Thins, pretty close to gingersnaps, purchased at Starbucks!

All you do is smash the gingersnaps, then cut the strawberries into even slices and put them on the crushed gingersnaps (already in a bowl)...

Step two

...and put your ice cream or whipped cream, and you can top it with shredded bittersweet chocolate. In this case I grated chocolate chips by putting the chips against my palm and grating.

Without chocolate

With chocolate

This was good!

2 Bagillion THUMBS UP

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  1. AWESOME!! I would keep it with cool whip b/c lower in fat!